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The fourth trimester is just as important as the first three! You learn to discover your baby, you quickly realize that you will henceforth drink your coffee cold... A new way of life is settling in! But have no fear. The happiness of this new member of your family has only just begun. This is the beginning of the most beautiful adventure of your life...
The MAÏA team offers you a set designed for the first months after childbirth, consisting of 4 products for the wonderful mother you have become!

BOOK BE YOUR BABY'S EXPERT - To better understand your baby

In this book, Mélanie Bilodeau proposes to deconstruct several myths and popular beliefs surrounding baby development. To do this, she relies on the most recent evidence and scientific research in psychology and neuroscience, all presented in the most popular way possible (and of course with a touch of humor).

This book aims to answer several major questions relating to the first year of a baby's life. Its author does not talk about the care to be offered to him, but is rather interested in the essential role played by the significant adults who surround the child, and this, from birth.

Always favoring positive parenting and caring education, this book will allow you to develop a better understanding of your baby and greater confidence in your own ability to decode it effectively.

NEW MOM NOTEBOOK - Keeping control

Here is the diary designed and adapted to the daily life of new mothers! And we know it, new moms need organization in a day. This notebook is therefore specifically intended for mothers of newborns or those who will soon be mothers!

The notebook is a weekly and daily planner to organize and follow up on daily life with baby. It's also a tool to remember to plan some time for YOU (so you don't forget yourself in this beautiful adventure of motherhood! It will be useful from the moment your baby is born, until its 6 months.

You will find 4 sections there:

  • BABY - Follow your baby's daily development and plan shopping and appointments
  • HEAD - Schedule some time for YOU
  • HEART - Write down the beautiful moments you experience every day and plan time with your partner/family/friends
  • HOME - Manage your to-do list and meals for the week

ROSE AND COCONUT BATH MILK - To treat yourself to "ME TIME"

You deserve it. Treat yourself to a moment of calm and relaxation just for you. Coconut milk is one of the greatest allies against dehydration: thanks to its fat content, it helps to calm skin redness such as eczema, psoriasis or seasonal skin dryness and fight skin dries while leaving it smooth, soft and radiant.

Sensual at the same time, it will enhance your femininity to its maximum with its dried rose petals & buds, its sweet smell of rose and coconut and its lacquered white color!

Just pour 4 to 6 tablespoons into a bathtub filled with hot water (ideally 37°C). Then, all you have to do is relax for about 20 minutes to allow the skin to absorb all the active ingredients of its components.

The bag includes bath milk (for about 4 baths), a candle, and a spoon. All that's missing is you!

"MOMLIFE" MUG - A mug to match your new life as a mom

With a newborn, nothing is more real than living the life of a mom! So here you are with the perfect mug for your morning coffee (probably cold!) or your late-night tea.



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