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The third quarter is a mix of emotion! Excitement above all... But maybe also a little stress that sets in, related to the unknown of childbirth. It's the beginning of a wonderful adventure that awaits you in the coming weeks with the arrival of baby! The MAÏA team offers you a set designed for the last months of your pregnancy, consisting of 5 products for the mother you will become very soon!

MAÏA EXERCISE BALL - To prepare your body for work

The birth ball is an exceptional tool to help the future mother by accelerating the progress of her labor, reducing pain and facilitating natural childbirth.

It also allows you to stay in motion, facilitate baby's engagement, facilitate relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.

With your ball, you will receive a foot pump to inflate it in a few minutes as well as sheets including 3 exercises suggested by a perinatal nurse!

RASPBERRY LEAVES TEA - To prepare your uterus

The womb is where the magic show it some love. Earth Mama's 100% Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea contains herbs traditionally used to tone the uterus to prepare for childbirth.

Raspberry leaf can make your labor easier by allowing contractions to be regular, a sign that your cervix is ​​effectively changing. Indeed, the wild raspberry is composed of a molecule which has the property of relaxing the uterus and thus facilitating the passage of the baby.

This tea can be drunk from the last month of pregnancy, 3 cups a day. If baby is slow to point the tip of his nose, you can drink 1 to 2 cups more.

MAÏA REUSABLE CUP - To make your travels easier
Stay well hydrated with our reusable double-walled stainless steel cup that stays cold or hot for 6 hours. Why not use it to take your raspberry leaf tea or your favorite juice?

    CREAM - To relieve your heavy legs
    Swollen legs and feet are very common during pregnancy, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer from them! Relieve your sore legs after a long day with this cream . Enhanced with a stimulating aroma of mint and ultra argan oil -moisturizing, this fast-acting, non-greasy formula is formulated with natural, hypoallergenic, EWG VERIFIEDTM certified ingredients, for hassle-free app.

    BATH SALT - To give you a relaxing moment just for you

    Relax. Appeasement. Anti-stress... No need to tell you that lavender is the star ingredient for putting life on hold for a few moments! And at the end of pregnancy, no need for stress!

    This bath salt has everything you need for a well-deserved moment of relaxation. And of course, this bath salt is perfectly suited for pregnant women!

    Just pour 4 to 6 tablespoons into a bathtub filled with hot water (ideally 37°C). Then, all you have to do is relax for about 20 minutes to allow the skin to absorb all the active ingredients of its components.

    The bag includes salt (for about 4 baths), a candle, and a spoon. All that's missing is you!

    The entire MAÏA team wishes you a happy birth!



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