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Why not make your childbirth one of the most memorable moments? The MAÏA Institute team offers you a birth box including a range of products that will be essential to you during your delivery.

We are aware that preparing everything before the baby arrives can become very complex, so we simplify your life by offering you a complete set for your delivery.

We took the time to choose the best products, for the best mom you will become. All products have been tested by members of our team during our deliveries!

What's in your box:

  • Cooling Mist with Witch Hazel, Lavender & Peppermint:A refreshing postpartum mist that helps relieve and cool perineal discomfort!
  • Perineal Cleansing Bottle: After giving birth, urinating may feel burning. Do not hesitate to spray your vulva with warm to hot water when you urinate. This will reduce your discomfort!
  • Washable nursing pads (x4): Washable nursing pads are a "must" for the new mom. Each pad has 2 layers of bamboo, one layer of suede and one layer of PUL allowing your clothes and skin to stay dry. Their shape allows them to slip discreetly into your bra without being visible.
  • Disposable underwear (x8): The perfect underwear to have after a vaginal delivery! Perfect for absolute comfort and not to stain yours. A recovery garment that stretches even more than you think. Soft, seamless and breathable.. We like it!
  • Instant Ice Pads (x4): Gone are the days of ice-filled diapers after childbirth! These ingenious 2-in-1 postpartum compresses combine instant cold therapy and an absorbent pad. So you have a sanitary napkin and a feeling of cold at the same time. Super practical for your crotch!
  • Vegan Lip Balm: Hospital air can be dry at times. We advise you to soothe your dry lips with all these pushes! This balm helps to replenish the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin with its important moisturizing power and its richness in lecithin, sterols, vitamin E and omega-3.
  • Bottle: This cute bottle is specially designed for babies from 0 to 3 months. Made of plastic, it is BPA, nitrosamine, phthalate and latex free. It is unanimous with babies and parents!
  • Pacifier: Sooth your baby with this newborn pacifier, which is BPA-free and made of 100% silicone.
  • Washable wipe: To take care of baby's delicate skin, this wipe is perfect.Made of satin bamboo, it's super soft!
  • Cleansing Foam: A light, softening foam that gently cleanses your newborn baby's body and hair It is suitable for sensitive skin with its marshmallow root extract compound which provides a moisturizing, emollient and protective agent.
  • Blanket to swaddle from the Signature MAÏA collection: The essential muslin to have on hand during childbirth! It is made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton which makes it super soft to the touch! Without forgetting that it is large allowing you to safely wrap baby from the first days of life.
  • Sandals from the Signature MAÏA collection: We often recommend bringing comfortable sandals in your maternity suitcase. These make it easierwill move around your room during and after childbirth. The non-slip rubber sole will ensure a comfortable wear throughout your stay.
  • Bag of gummies: A well-deserved reward after all that hard work... It's up to you whether you'll share them with your partner!

We've even slipped in a complete list of what we suggest you bring for the birth of your baby... Super practical!

On behalf of the entire MAÏA team, happy childbirth and don't forget to smile, one push at a time! ;)

Size S: If you wear size 5-6 (US)
Size M: If you wear 7-8 (US)
Size L: If you wear 9-10 (US)
Size XL: If you wear size 11-12 (US)




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