SNEAKPEEK - Fetal Sex Test


Find out your baby's gender with 99.9% clinically proven accuracy at just 6 weeks pregnant, trusted by over 500,000 moms and recommended by top doctors and obstetricians. Possible thanks to a single blood test!

How does it work? At the time of your appointment, our nurse Isabelle will only have to take one blood test. The sample is then sent the same day to the laboratory. All you have to do is wait between 3 and 5 working days to find out the sex of your baby by email! As simple as that!

Want to know if you are eligible for this test? Try the calculator.


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This test is for recreational purposes only. Be aware that it does not include any medical information related to your baby's health. It therefore does not in any way replace a prenatal screening, an ultrasound or any other test requested by your doctor.

Result between 3 and 5 working days of laboratory analysis.

This test is tax exempt.

Test possible from the sixth week of pregnancy (amenorrhea – first day of last menstrual period).

No fees for opening your file.

You do not need to be fasting before your blood test.

This test is possible thanks to the collaboration with SneakPeek.



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